Friday, February 25, 2011

The Wonderful World of Handmade

It's been almost four months since opening Shane's Sweet Creations on Etsy.  A wonderful, fun four months.  Etsy is filled with wonderful, supportive sellers and enthusiastic buyers.  Every time I check my email and see a sale notification I do a girlie happy dance, and suspect it'll be like that for a long time.  It's such a great feeling that someone likes your items so much they'd pay money to have it!!  I've found some great sellers in these short four months who sell such a wide variety of products, like graphic design,  bath and body products, handmade cards, knitting and crocheting projects - the list goes on and on.  You want it, these people have it, and they're all lovingly made from a hardworking person who is passionate about the products they make. 

Yesterday was like Christmas around here.  I had ordered a few things from different Etsy sellers on Sunday and Monday.  (It's also funny that I ordered something online - in stock - on Monday as well, still waiting for that order.  Not that I'm complaining .. but it's coming from the next state over and my Etsy items were all shipped from the midwest to the east coast.) I received all my Etsy orders yesterday.  My 6 year old daughter was a bit sad that nothing was for her, but she had such fun (as did my almost 2 year old daughter) smelling the wonderful lotions and sachet I received.  We all oohd and aaahd over my pretty new blue goldstone beads I got ("ooohhhh...pretty, mommy!" was the reaction from my littlest).  All had little thank you cards packaged in with them, two even had samples of other store items.  Truly, we were all like little kids opening these packages!

The more gifts for loved ones and myself I can get on Etsy, I will.  It's clear to me that these items are all made wtih love and a passion that you can't get from going to the mall.  The customer service from the people I've dealt with is top-notch, and they all have nothing but patience for me when I send them messages with silly questions.

I'll be back with information on more of these wonderful stores! For now, plase feel free to poke in mine.  ♥ You'll find lots of shiny things - I love using Swarovski crystals and pearls! There's a wide assortment of bracelets (wrap, woven and just regular ones...), earrings, necklaces, beaded bookmarks, zipper pulls, wine charms and more.  Thanks for looking!

Spread the word, everyone.  You've been welcomed into the wonderful world of handmade!